I Used To Carry 6 Different Products To Clean The House. But Not Anymore, Thanks To This Amazing Multipurpose Cleaner.

“This miracle product can clean away stove grease, tile grout and kitchen surfaces so quickly!”

By Nellie Scott
June 21, 2021 at 9:17 am EDT

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Everybody wants a clean house, but no one wants to help out. I think most mums will agree that between the cooking, shopping and endless laundry, it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands attached to you. Especially when it comes to cleaning as well.

Most of my day is spent picking up toys and wiping down the same surface over and over again. Messy breakfast tables become messy lunch tables which in turn, become messy dinner tables. That's the same surface three times a day, and don't even get me started on toilets and sinks. 

But I am tired of spending good money on useless cleaning products that can barely get a stain out. I've used name brand cleaners that failed to do what it says on the box. Sure, supermarket brands can save a dollar or two, but you need to use the whole bottle to do a simple cleaning job. 

Now I’m not OCD, but a clean house means a clean mind and that's just something my mother taught me from a young age. She never forced us to help her out, but she always made us her special Pavlova whenever we helped out. 

My sister is a lot like my mum in that way, always cleaning and always finding great hacks to make her life easy. You should see her house. The woman deserves an award! The other day she sent me a link and told me that I need this product in my life. 

The Lemon Scrub website my sister sent me.

It’s Called the Lemon Scrub, a Multipurpose Cleaner Like No Other!

That's what she told me when I asked her about it. She sent me a few before and after pics from her latest cleaning session, and I was stunned! This miracle product can clean away stove grease, tile grout and kitchen surfaces without breaking a sweat!

So that night, I jumped on the website, read the other reviews and got myself a tub of Lemon Scrub. Within five days of placing my order, a brand new tub of lemon scrub showed up at my doorstep. 

The product presentation gets five stars from me. It was not one of those cheap mailers that rip open from the slightest snag. And when I opened the tub, the whole room started to smell like fresh lemons.

Let’s Put Lemon Scrub to the Test!

Being the sister I am, I wanted my sister to be wrong about how good the Lemon Scrub was. I wanted to be able to tell her it was no where as good as she promised, so I found the perfect Item to clean... My husband never cleans the BBQ grill after he is done. He always leaves it to the next time. I figured this was the perfect test because these stains have been sitting here for almost two weeks. The grease has already made a thick layer, and it looked like I’d have to use a ball of steel wool or a whole lot of elbow grease.

I used a sponge to get less than a dab of this product and started making small circles on the grill to test it out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. With little effort, the grease stains started disappearing. Before you know it, I cleaned the whole grill and barely had to add more product into the mix. I wiped it down with a damp rag, and lo and behold! My nasty grill was looking brand new!

I have to admit, this thing sent me into a small cleaning frenzy! I was running around the house attacking those secret stains that only I knew about. Soon enough, the kitchen surfaces started to sparkle, and the dirty grout in my spare bathroom started to look like they were new. Lemon scrub slowly started to outperform all the names brands in my cleaning closet. 

I used it on tile, marbles, laminate, metal surfaces and more without damaging the surfaces. And the best part is that I didn't have to use a lot of the product. After using it all around the house, I had plenty and more left in the tub for a few more rounds. And my entire house smells like fresh lemons!

What About Harsh Chemicals? Is It Safe for Everyday Use?

I've been using this amazing product for a couple of weeks now. I haven't always used it with cleaning gloves, but I have not seen any adverse reaction. Lemon Scrub doesn't use bleach or any other harsh cleaning agent that damages the skin. It's safe to touch, and it washes away easily, leaving no residue. 

I've been using this amazing product for a couple of weeks now. I haven't always used it with cleaning gloves, but I have not seen any adverse reaction. Lemon Scrub doesn't use bleach or any other harsh cleaning agent that damages the skin. It's safe to touch, and it washes away easily, leaving no residue.

Lucky I Got One! They Sell Out Fast!

If you love a clean house but hate spending hours scrubbing you need to get yourself a tub (or two!) of the Lemon Scrub. 

Word is starting to get out how good it is, and once it does, there will be a shortage of it available and you’ll be back to mediocre products and a whole lot of elbow grease to get things clean.

I've already thrown out the crappy old multipurpose cleaners that cost me so much in the bin. I am going to be a Lemon Scrub girl from now on.

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Here’s a List of Features of Lemon Scrub

6 in 1 wonder cleaner

Forget about carrying six different products and mixing and diluting chemicals!

Sensitive on hands, Harsh on stains

Enjoy a bleach-free cleaner that cuts through stains like a laser but is safe for everyday use.

Micro abrasive technology

This cutting edge tech allows you to clean with less scrubbing and no damage to the surface.

What Else I Love About It

Less is more! - You only need a dab of Lemon Scrub for cleaning jobs, big or small. One tub can last months, saving you money!

Fast & free shipping - No need to pay extra for fast shipping. Your order will be at your doorstep lightning fast.

Don't like it? You get your money back! - In the unlikely situation you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a full refund. No questions asked! 

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Summary: If You Love a Clean House, You’ll Love This Multipurpose Cleaner.

They say house cleaning is like being caught in a revolving door. You are going in circles, chasing stains and scrubbing every surface. So why do it with inferior products when you can give a rest to your tired elbows and use a product that actually cleans? 

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Why Is Lemon Scrub Discounted?

The good folks at Lemon Scrub want all of us to have spotless, lily-white homes that smell like fresh lemons. 

Those cheap supermarkets can barely finish a simple stove clean before running out. Lemon scrub can last you a few months while fighting stains and splatter all around the house, no matter the surface. We are talking about an industrial-grade solution. 

But the price tag is not in the hundreds like you'd expect. Because only for the readers of this page, Lemon Scrub is running a special price at $29, you save $10, and I think that's the bargain of the century!

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How to Get a Tub of Lemon Scrub

To buy a tub of this miracle product, simply follow these three steps.

Step 1: Click here to check availability.
Step 2: Lemon Scrub will arrive in 3-7 days.
Step 3: Enjoy a spotless house thanks to Lemon Scrub.

Remember: You're protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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